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Behrg Reviews: "True Crime" by Samantha Kolesnik

"Deceit is really the true crime of humanity.”

The killers on the run idea has been done to death, as has the psychopathic emotionally distant murderer with no remorse. So what else is there that can be said in this genre?

Apparently, a lot.

Kolesnik takes your expectations and shatters them, delivering an emotionally powerful story that will resonate with readers long after the book's final page. Reading True Crime is sort of like watching a master magician perform. You know you're being manipulated, but the performance and skill is at such a level that you're just smiling along the way.

I will say, the most common faults I find and sort of expect in these type of stories were cleverly addressed or concealed, providing a fascinating look at an otherwise dark and hopeless tale. The violence is visceral, the characters believable, and the questions posed about society, humanity, and the role and expectations of women combine to make this more than your run of the mill horror novel.

An exceptional read, and one that isn't afraid to dive into the darkest corners of our society, this might be as close to a modern masterpiece as you're going to find. Highly recommended.

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