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Behrg Reviews “Land of Bones” by Glenn Rolfe

Land of Bones

While I’ve purchased quite a few Rolfe books, Land of Bones is the first title I decided to crack open, after seeing so many glowing reviews. I’m a huge fan of short stories and so naturally was looking forward to experiencing Rolfe’s work in a variety of forms, my experience here however felt a little dim compared to others who have read this.

The best way I can describe my thoughts on this collection is that I found the stories “serviceable,” meaning they hit the right notes, and accomplished mostly what they were aiming for. But, short of one story, there was little that blew me away or provided something more than an average paint-by-the-numbers “horror story” you might find anywhere.

The story “Welcome to Paradise” I thought was brilliant and a great showcase of talent. “Simon” was another story I thought was above average. But while I was hoping for something a little more unique as a complete collection, for fans of the genre there’s certainly something to enjoy here. This one may have left me wanting but I’m still looking forward to more of Rolfe’s work.

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