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Back to School GiveAway

Last night was Back to School Night for my kids. With one kid crying before we arrived, and three crying on the way home, I felt it was overall a pretty successful evening.

Little do my kids know that once you level up to an adult, Back to School Night is held EVERY week on a Monday morning.

And crying still ensues.

On this fabulous note, I’m excited to share that there could be some good news on the horizon:

The Kindle Book Review is hosting a Back to School Give-Away with a chance to win 1 of 4 $100 Amazon gift-cards.

Amazon Giveaway

And yes, book one in The Creation Series is one of those featured novels.

So hop on over and click away. Would love for someone I know to walk away with some cybernated cash in their digital pocket.

#AmazonGiveAway #BacktoSchoolNight #writersjourney

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