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Amazon’s New “Prime Reading” — (Pick up HOUSEBROKEN For FREE)

For those of you who haven’t heard, Amazon announced today a new program for Prime members that includes a host of books you can read for free. From my understanding, this list of books will rotate every few months or so, providing new material you can pick up at absolutely no cost.

Amazon continues to be at the forefront of experimenting in new and exciting ways for both authors and readers. While there could be some concerns with a program like this, as far as compensation for authors, etc, know that no book is a part of this program accidentally. All authors were notified, had to “opt-in,” and were given a compensation package to be part of this first trial run.


I’m excited to be opening the doors to a group of readers I may not have been able to reach otherwise. And what better season to tackle a psychological horror novel? Can’t you hear those “slay” bells ringing?!?

So grab your copy, tell a friend, tell an enemy, and get reading!

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