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31 Days of Horror – Days Five & Six

Days five and six of 31 Days of Horror are all about binge-watching (before that was even a thing). In my youth, we always looked forward to Thanksgiving for the food and the family, but also because of the TV marathon sessions of the Twilight Zone that would play, one episode after the next.

twilight zone

These days, the UK (now Netflix) show “Black Mirror” has truly captured the idea of The Twilight Zone, will making it modern and fresh. Using technology, social media, or political themes, it spins these ideas into entertaining yet highly relevant self-contained stories. Even the title of the show — Black Mirror — is metaphorical, representing our TVs or phones when turned off or powered down while also showing the distorted reflection technology is creating in our lives.

In what seems like another life, I was a child actor, and worked quite a bit on shows like Dynasty, Highway to Heaven, as well as many commercials. I had the chance to be on an episode of the Twilight Zone, titled “The Elevator,” which was actually written by one of my heroes, Ray Bradbury. It’s certainly not one of the better Twilight Zone episodes, but it’s another small part in the equation that’s made me who I am today.

With the announcement that Jordan Peele will be bringing the Twilight Zone back, I have high hopes that we’ll see something akin to Black Mirror, but with a taste of that original flair that made The Twilight Zone so unique.

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