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31 Days of Horror – Day Four

Day Four of 31 Days of Horror is a tribute to the classics. In grade school, when all my friends were checking out books about baseball and football from our school library, my bag was filled with the macabre. The Wolf-Man, Dracula, the Invisible Man, Frankenstein, the Lochness Monster… Curiosities and the endless questions begat from that magic “What if?”


Dorian Gray

While these days I tend to avoid books about zombies or werewolves or vampires as I find most fall too deeply into cliches, there is something to be said about the monstrosities that have inspired millions. I was excited about Universal’s idea to reboot their Monsters in a “Dark Universe”, though it seems they haven’t quite figured out what they want their movies to be. A shame, because if done properly, this could have really reinvigorated an exciting sub-genre.

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