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Every action has a consequence. But when Li posts a one-star review of a novel on her book blog, the results are far more frightening than she could ever have imagined.


Not every story was meant to have a happy ending.


ONE STAR is a previously unpublished horror short story, being released in The Behrg's upcoming short story collection--The Passengers You Cannot See.

It is the author's love letter to book bloggers and reviewers, and thus is being offered as a free download to thank all those who have been a part of the author's journey.

Thanks for being a part of the journey!

The Behrg is the author of dark literary works ranging from screenplays to 'to-do' lists. His debut novel, Housebroken, was a First-Round Kindle Scout Selection and semi-finalist in the Kindle Book Awards for Horror. His screenplays are all stuffed in a drawer somewhere and his 'to-do' list should be completed by next year (though his wife is hoping for a little sooner).

When not writing, he plays in a band, plays with his children, and plays (quite poorly, he might add) at being an adult. He does NOT have bodies buried in his backyard.

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